A quick note

I just wanted to give a quick heads up that I will be closing the shop over the weekend. I'm not really sure when I'll be able to open it again, I'm hoping that I'll at least have it open with limited stock for the holidays, but I'm not going to promise anything....so make your purchases while you can!

Anyway, I'll be around here. I have a bunch of baby projects that I want to share, as soon as I finish them!


What I've been making lately....

.....a baby! I know I took the world's longest break from blogging. I never intended to, but this pregnancy has taken a lot more out of me than I expected and Jewelweeds operations have taken a back burner. But I've been doing a good deal of baby related crafting, below is a sneak peak of a play mat in progress. More soon, I promise!



Hope to see you there!

Here are just a few of the vendors who will be there:

ps. I just realized that Divine Studios is just across the street from the Gifted Market, so come on out and make a day of it!



(here it is so you can actually read it)

In the mad dash toward the holidays, I keep forgetting to post about this. Thanks to the lovely Jan at Poppytalk, my Maple Seed Pod Tea Towel and a couple of (seemingly overgrown compared to the tea towel....) sachets were featured in the December issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray. I think it's still out, I should check.
Thanks Jan!

Also, don't forget tomorrow is the last day for international shipping to arrive by Christmas!


new in the shop

New things in the shop. I'm really excited about these new styles and colors. There are still a few more that I need to list and I'll try to get to it soon. Christmas shipping deadlines are fast approaching. I would recommend Dec 10th (thursday!) as the last day for international shipments and Dec 17th (next thursday) for domestic. We'll be heading out of town on monday the 21st, so get your orders in!

Now back to the grindstone! Don't forget the Holiday Craft Sale is this Sunday!


sneak peek....

new designs....come see them at Laundry Night!

I'll have them in the shop soon for those of you who are too far away.

Hope to see you tomorrow, don't forget, we'll be there until 9pm so stop by after work!


Laundry Night! Curated Market

LAUNDRY NIGHT – curated market, cake walk and esoterica at the washeteria

monday, november 30th from 1 – 9pm

open house gallery

201 mulberry street at spring

new york, new york 10012

1pm & 6pm aromatic attunement (repeat)

4pm cake walk for smiley friends ages 10 and under

curated Market – shopping for tastemakers and nosy neighbors

Jewelry by Dawn

OW Socks – socks are simple cute pets for everyday life to make our feet happy

Jewelweeds – handcrafted sustainable textiles with block printing and hand embroidery

EIEIO Studio – ready-to-wrap currently featured on Oprah's November O List

PubliQueLiving – home accessories, elegance for the design-minded individual

Canopy Verde – modern, earth-friendly bags and totes

Random Acts by Miwako – artist and chef from Oakland. She knits like there's no tomorrow.

UM by Josh Jakus – felt zipper bags, experiential connections between form and function

Sharon Wickham Photographs

KepuCosa – hand knit winter accessories, made from recycled yarn

Healing Crystals – handmade natural jewelry

YOSH olfactory sense – artisanal fragrances. Preview the 2010 Evanescent Collection.

esoterica at the washeteria – air your dirty laundry

Aromatic Attunements - 1pm & 6pm (repeat)

Do you enjoy the sweet smell of success? Do you want to be filthy rich or are you waiting for Prince Charming? We 'll be smelling mood elevating essences and anchoring them with an affirmation to bring your energy into alignment. Join us for guided meditations with aromas lead by Yosh Han, perfumer and clairvoyant. Complimentary aura readings throughout the day.

About the curators:

OW is a seamless Ameba-Unit which started spreading all over the world in 2007. Phototgrapher/Filmmaker Sven Wiederholt is Czar of this unit. His members are located all over the and are ready for the next project. Its projects are currently ranging from film to products. However, OW itself does not know what will happen next. OW will keep transforming, just like an Ameba.

Yosh Han is the creator of YOSH olfactory sense, a boutique fragrance company and consultancy specializing in artisanal perfumes. These fragrances can be found at the most exclusive boutiques including Barneys New York and Takashimaya.

{A note from me, Yosh was one of my bosses (and a dear friend) when I worked at 826 Valencia as a pirate shop keeper and buyer (among other things) who was responsible for such things as Thumbwrestling Tournaments, Icelandic Film Festivals, and the popularization of all things pirate. Let's just say she knows how to put on an event. I hope to see you there! It's open late so stop by after work and get started on your Christmas shopping!}