This past weekend we took a little road trip to visit the house where the wedding will be held. We brought along my mother and Rachel, our lovely caterer. She wanted to come see the kitchen and get the lay of the land, and we wanted to do some measuring and figure out some more detailed logistics. The house was even better than we remembered it and Ben and I congratulated each other for finding such a great spot. (We won't mention that I found it on The Knot....) Hopefully Ben will be able to finish off the website he is building for the owner of the house soon, I'll keep you posted on that. 

I also want to give a shout out to Rachel, whom we've connived into catering our wedding, something that she doesn't usually do, which I do not blame her for at all! Her company Particular Events, has charming new website which you should check out, especially if you are in the market for an awesome caterer for your next dinner party, picnic, or gallery opening. Rachel is also one of only a few people who worship rhubarb as much as I do. She's got a blog post all about it, complete with a simple and delicious recipe. Speaking of which I still have a few cups of rhubarb in my freezer that I put up last summer. I think I must make a pie. I'm excited about preserving more food this summer, it was really nice being about to dig into the freezer and pull out something fresh (well, you know what I mean) I've learned a lot too of what not to do this year. Invest in better freezer bags, or better yet find something non-plastic in which to freeze in. Any ideas? I would also like to learn more about canning. And get a deep freeze!

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