a few wedding details

The bridesmaids dresses. J. Crew on sale, $39.99 (oh yeah!). I made the belts, flowers from Tinsel Trading, ribbons from—I don't remember—I bought about 100 yards of different ribbon at the last minute because I was worried that we'd need extra stuff to decorate with. I think we probably used about 10 yards total. But I'm sure I'll find plenty of uses for it in the future. You can never have too much ribbon.
{please ignore the massive clutter in the background of the first picture. I'd love to say that we've totally tackled the snarl of  wedding-era clutter, but the truth is we are not even close. We have done a lot of moving stuff around, and we switched our bedroom to the front room so we don't have to sleep and wake up in the bat cave—i digress, please just hold up your fingers around the dress, so that you aren't assaulted by the chaos!} 

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