happy new year

A few pics from the Craftacular. I had a lot of fun making the new display items. The sachet tree is now serving as our makeshift christmas tree (if you can even say that, it's solely decorated with candy canes) and I have plans to transform the leftover pieces of birch (aprons are hanging on birch 'coat rack'. It's a little hard to see in these pictures, sorry) into a floor lamp. One of many home projects I hope to accomplish in the next month or so. I'll be sure to post about it if I ever get around to it! 

We got almost all of the materials from the flower district. The 'tree' is a manzanita branch that I set into a milk carton with plaster of paris. I put into the sap bucket on top of a can to bring it to the right height and then stuffed balled up newspaper over the top of the plaster and topped it off with sheet moss. I like that I can take it apart if I need to use the sap bucket again, but I'll probably try to keep it together for now. Luckily Ben doesn't mind that our current decorating scheme is highly reminiscent of a Jewelweeds craft fair table...

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