Succulent Quilt! (part 3)

Here's the quilt all finished! There is a pretty good amount of space in between each plant, but don't worry, they will fill out.

Here's the quilt about two weeks later. As you can see, all of them really blossomed and expanded. Also, many of them have little 'antennae' that I think will bloom soon. It's really amazing how much they've changed in such a short time. The colors, shapes, height. I didn't really notice it until I started putting this post together. They've totally opened up!

It's important in the beginning to water it more than you normally would water succulents. They need to get well established before they can tolerate their normal dry conditions. After planting, we stuck ours in the tub on top of a paint roller tray, so the water would drain out the bottom. You can also make little feet out of cork or something so that your box won't sit directly on whatever surface it's on. This is something I didn't think about, but it's important because you can't hang up your quilt right away. You need to give it a few weeks to settle first. We still haven't hung ours yet, but truthfully, it's just as stunning on a table as it is on wall. 

The next succulent project is a wreath...stay tuned!


Julie said...

What is the purpose of the screen on top? It will keep them from spreading, which they will do naturally if there is room...is that what you are trying to do? It is very pretty finished product! I want one now!!! LOL! Glad I found your site! I will be watching for any further succulent posts!

jules said...

Julie, the screen on the top is to keep the soil from falling out if you were to hang it on a wall. If you were going to keep it flat, you could omit that step. I don't believe that it will keep them from spreading, as they've already begun to do so. If it seems like they are getting a little choked, I may try to snip the screen a little to give them some breathing room. Glad that you are enjoying succulents as much I do!

Elana said...

This is gorgeous Jules! :)

Elana said...

Me again. I just showed Julius & we may have to follow your tutorial (after the wedding...). I may be back with questions then! What awesome living art.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea, and I'm waiting for the final report about how it hangs up vertically.