signs of spring

At least on the inside...the view from 'the studio.' My easter cactus decided that it would again be a spring baby. I got it about a year ago in full bloom, so I assumed it was of the easter variety. But then it bloomed this past christmas time, which I attributed to the fact that it is literally 80 degrees in here any time the heat is on. Which noisily happens almost all day. One other reason to buy a house...being in control of your carbon footprint. But then, in the last few weeks it has bloomed again. The cyclomen, on the other hand has been not blooming as well as it should. At first I thought it was because I had accidently watered it once over it's root ball, but I only did it once, so now my best guess is that it's heat and lack of humidity. Most of the flowers have died and the few that remain are small and hidden within the foliage.  

These everlasting blooms will soon be adorning some pillows that will be available in the shop before long. The round ones at the sides are part of my poppy obsession, but now I think they look a little more like anemones, either way I like them, and they are fun to make. I do them mostly freehand, just a quick outline of the outer circle and stem in pencil and embroider away.

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