some sadness

I just read the most devastating and true column. I didn't realize that I missed Judith Warner, I guess I really did. There's not too much to say about, you really just have to read it for yourself. I've never kept my views on the state of feminism (or much else for that matter) under wraps, and I've endured much derision as a result, so it was such a breathe of fresh air to know that there are intelligent people out there who are also able to see this ugliness in the zeitgeist. I was very encouraged by a vast majority of positive comments about this column. I have to say that is a little scary at this moment of the world to be at the front door of starting a family, I worry a lot about how hard it will be to raise girls and boys in a 'Sex and the City,' 'Hillary Nutcracker' world. How do you instill in children the importance of civic involvement if the civics are throughly and doggedly uncivilized?

If you need any more proof of this, please watch this.

I would also like to point out that Belva Lockwood, my great-aunt, at least six generations back, is undoubtedly whirlpooling in her grave.

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