didn't mean to be gone so long

We went to Milwaukee over Easter weekend to visit Ben's family, and I've been trying to catch up on work since and so the poor old blog has been a little neglected. Spring (and summer) are shaping up to be pretty busy and I've been juggling priorities and deadlines. It didn't help that I got a little obsessed the idea of matching luggage for the trip and spent more time than I probably should have working through more of that Hable  fabric. I'm really pleased with the results, but of course have not had a chance to take pictures, but I will, promise.

In the mean time you can enjoy these pictures I took from the plane coming home. The clouds were pretty spectacular which almost made up for the fact that the flight was delayed about 4 hours due to fog in Newark. Lame.

The "ground" you see here is all cloud. It always amazes me how solid-looking some clouds can be.

(Check out the new bug to the right -->, listing fairs and markets Jewelweeds will be participating in, more info soon!)

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