we are exhausted! but we had a great weekend at Renegade. It was great meeting lots of internet-y and blog-y folks. I wish I had had more time to explore, I only had a chance to pop into a few booths, but what I did see was pretty great. More to come, too tired for coherency.... 

ps. I'll be posting lots of the new stuff from Renegade in the etsy store this week. Check back here for updates.

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Steven Bates said...

I attended the Renegade Craft event. I enjoyed the work you were displaying and invited you to check out the Garrison Art Center 40th Annual Fine Arts & Crafts Fair (www.garrisonartcenter.org). I am finalizing the artist roster for 2009 tomorrow and wonder if you are interested in our August 15 & 16th event. You can email me or call 845-809-5167 to let me know asap if you think it fits your goals for 2009.
Steve Bates
Fair Director
Garrison Art Center