summer of quilting

I currently have two quilts in the works, and several in my head, not to mention plans to expand the Jewelweeds quilt line up. I've been thinking a lot about technique lately, I'm mostly self-taught, but I do have some genetic predisposition to quilting, my grandmother is a master quilter, so some learning was through osmosis. My grandmother turned 89 (89 is the new 70!) on monday and we went to visit my grandparents to celebrate and I was sent home with these great quilting books. She highly recommends the blue one on top, and after a quick glimpse, I'd have to agree. It's very straight forward and thorough and has plenty of "process" photos. It's written by Michael James and I have no idea if it's still in print, but I'd recommend checking ebay if you are even remotely thinking about quilting.

I've finally gotten some of the new things in the shop. I've been fighting the dismal weather for any speck of natural light (I live in Brooklyn, not Seattle, hello!) so it's taking me much longer than I'd like to get the shop fully updated. Please be patient. The napkins are 90% there and I'll be tackling tea towels next, but first I've got to get out of the house while the sun is out before I the cabin fever totally gets to me!

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