The fruits of Brooklyn

I've been itching to get a fig tree ever since we got our little meyer lemon, and finally we did! I can't wait for it to bear fruit, fresh figs are so yummy, especially with a little blue cheese or prosciutto, or grilled with honey...

I noticed this mature fig tree (below) on our block a year or two ago, and on a recent trip to the post office was inspired to document other fruits growing on our block. It doesn't seem as though anyone is caring for it, there were many unripe fruits on the ground (I hope some critters are enjoying them at least!). Undoubtedly, this plant was brought to Brooklyn as a cutting by Italian immigrants. My mom is sure that her grandfather did this, his father was employed by the Italian government to help farmers in Mexico grow olives before he brought the family from Sicily to Brooklyn, so he was surely passionate about agriculture. I wish I knew more about this part of my family history. My mom has some documentation, but it a lot of the stories have faded. 

Cherry trees down the block that were planted about 30 years ago when the neighborhood was pretty blighted. A man who helped plant all the trees noticed me taking pictures and filled me in on a little bit of the history. I bit of a sad story involving a murdered friend, but it spurred some rejuvenation and  I'm grateful for the outcome because we now have so many mature trees which do provide a slight respite from the summer heat (if we ever get any...)

And finally, the mulberry trees in our front yard. It's such a shame that most of these berries go to waste, my dad suggested that I bake a mulberry pie, but we've been away so much in June that I haven't had a chance. I'd like to try to make a jam, anyone have a good recipe?

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