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I'm almost finished with a largish project, one that unexpectedly took priority over the last week, but I made time to put this little bit of crocheted art together. It really only took about 20 minutes, but it was definitely not something that needed doing. If you know what I mean. But sometimes you need to just do something that makes you feel good. 

I got the little crocheted piece a few months ago at the Chelsea flea, and had been hanging onto it, not really sure what what it was it was destined to be, until I saw Laura's post on Design*Sponge a few weeks ago. Don't know why it took me until then to figure that out, I've admired Laura's crocheted pieces for a good long while.

I just stitched it onto a scrap of linen with the aid of a small embroidery hoop and then stretched over one of those mini canvases. The whole thing is only 3" x 3". And it makes me happy.

I've listed more maple seed pod tea towels in the shop. Will have them in mustard as soon as I can take some pics.

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rachel said...

HI Julia,

Of course I had to come right over for a visit! Your photos are fantastic and your crafting skills are amazing... So nice to get to meet you last night. I will be lurking around all the time now.