my customers are very wise

I recently got two requests for customized tea towels, and I was amazed that both were requests that I'd been ruminating about (procrastinating) for a while. So it was nice to get a kick in butt to get moving. The first request (above) was for a tea towel with sprigs in green. Why I haven't done this before, who the heck knows, sometimes I just get a little tunnel vision and only think about certain designs in a certain way. But for this I had no excuse because I've done the sprigs in green on aprons. Oh, to understand how my brain works. I'll have more like this in the shop soon.

The other request was for a tea towel with maple seed pods. I printed it yesterday and just need to hem and photograph it and I'll have that in the shop soon too. There are a few other new designs/products in the  works too. More on them is forthcoming. 

Some scenes of printing. I love how the pattern is transfered onto the roller after the block has been inked. 


keri, charlie, lian and of course emme and macy said...

Julia: sprigs in green are for this wise customer and i am SO excited! they look awesome! thanks for the custom order :). cheers: keri

Jesse said...

Love the photo of the roller. I've been wondering how to make a roller with a pattern on it... it could be a fun way to print. If it works.

jules said...

Keri: I'm glad you like it! Keep in touch!

Jesse: what a cool idea, kind of like those faux bois rollers that are used for chocolate and scene painting. I've been experimenting with making prints with sheets of adhesive backed foam on acrylic. Perhaps that could be affixed to a roller instead...I'll have to try it out, will report back soon!