Ben gave me lovely robin's egg blue  iPod for Christmas this year and a few weeks ago I made a little home for it. Since it's so light and small and has a flash drive I figured it didn't really need padding. It's really just a little leather envelope. One thing that I didn't account for is that once you unplug the headphones (earbuds...I hate that word) it automatically stops. If I could stand the white iPod earbuds, I'd be able to slide the case down, but these have a corner thing so I just stick it in upside down. Once I figure this out, I should have these babies in the etsy shop.


my winged neighbors

Some of the ladies that  congregate in the mulberry trees outside my workroom window. Nothing like the bird show my parents have, but it's still nice to have a little bit of  wild in Brooklyn. My mother suggested putting up a feeder for them, but I'm nervous that the neighborhood cats would make that a dangerous proposition. A week or so ago we came home to find one of the black cats lounging in the branches a la the cheshire cat. Usually they run when you get close (believe me I've tried...) but this guy held his ground. I'm afraid that a bird feeder would just serve as cat bait.


a good new distraction

A new little spot for me to organize my thoughts and catalog my craft projects and new Jewelweeds items. I've been very inspired by the ladies (and gentlemen) of the crafty blog world so here's my jump into the fray!
Recently I was helping my mom do a little cleaning in my parent's basement and came across bags of thread that belonged to my grandmother. 
Here is part of the collection:

I've been itching to make a quilt for a while now and I think finding this cache of thread gave me the final push. More about that soon.