We took a last minute honeymoon for a few days in Montauk and a few days in apple picking country. Unfortunately I completely forgot to bring my camera to Montauk, but it was absolutely beautiful. Not swimming weather, but that meant that we had the hotel almost completely to ourselves which was very nice.
Luckily I remembered to pack the camera when we went upstate. However the only pictures I took were in the car on the way up. You can see the daytime moon behind the tree in last picture. One amazing thing that I didn't get any pictures of was a family of bears (yes, bears) crossing the road in Sterling Forest. It was breathtaking, in a slightly scary way and as a great observation of the natural world.

the road to victory

A little late in posting this, we were just a bit hung over wednesday morning.... I wish that I remembered to bring my camera when we went to our friend's house to watch the results, the mood on the street was quite amazing. Lena captured here.


the (not real) flowers

I just found these pictures on my camera, they were tests for the personal flowers. I have to say that I liked the tests a little better than the real thing. I just used greenery from around the house, the one above uses a few sprigs of the fern in the studio (the name of which escapes me at the moment) and the one below showcases my lovely sweet bay leaves. I had planned to harvest greenery from the yard at the house, but I ran out of time to really find anything good. Most of the greens had leaves that were way out of scale for boutonnieres, and by the time I got to do them, it was less than two hours before go time and I still hadn't even gotten the curlers in my hair.

This is what I wanted to do for the mothers' corsages (my mother insisted on a wrist corsage...) but then my mother balked at the idea of a red dahlia with her gold/cream dress, so I ended up doing them in ivory dahlias with matching grosgrain ribbon, in my humble opinion, not quite as nice, but still quite beautiful. Hopefully I'll have pro pictures soon, but it might be awhile as our lovely Liz is organizing a human rights conference in Kenya.

All the flowers (real and otherwise) are from Lebak Flower Farm. They don't have a website, but they are at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket on saturdays (although I'm not sure how many more weekends they'll be around for the winter) more on them to come.

a few wedding details

The bridesmaids dresses. J. Crew on sale, $39.99 (oh yeah!). I made the belts, flowers from Tinsel Trading, ribbons from—I don't remember—I bought about 100 yards of different ribbon at the last minute because I was worried that we'd need extra stuff to decorate with. I think we probably used about 10 yards total. But I'm sure I'll find plenty of uses for it in the future. You can never have too much ribbon.
{please ignore the massive clutter in the background of the first picture. I'd love to say that we've totally tackled the snarl of  wedding-era clutter, but the truth is we are not even close. We have done a lot of moving stuff around, and we switched our bedroom to the front room so we don't have to sleep and wake up in the bat cave—i digress, please just hold up your fingers around the dress, so that you aren't assaulted by the chaos!}