i'm still here

Apologies for  the long absence. Many things have happened since I last posted, most importantly (and the real reason I haven't been posting) Ben and I got married. It's amazing how much time weddings absorb. The wedding was just over two weeks ago and I'm just now starting to feel recovered. We did nearly everything ourselves, I'll be sharing some of those projects soon. But I wanted to acknowledge all the great blog mentions Jewelweeds has gotten in the past few months. Sorry that I wasn't able to do this sooner, I really appreciate all the lovely things you've all said about my products. It's great to be getting such wonderful feedback.

Little Love Blue is run by Cary Walker, who lives in Brooklyn and I suspect we've crossed paths before without knowing it. Her little creatures are so charming, I have a feeling that some of the little people I know will be unwrapping them come holiday season. Cary does a shopping list feature on her blog that she included my linen runner in, the theme of which was natural beauty.

Scoutie Girl is a great indie shopping blog that is new to me, but is now a daily read. Jan has wonderful taste (if i do say so myself!) and it was great to be featured alongside some of my favorite designers. Jan is also a brilliant textile designer and sells her fabrics on Etsy shop Daisy Janie. And I'm just realizing now that her fabric was also part of Cary's shopping list, what a fun coincidence!

Perennial favorite, Poppytalk gave a wonderful birthday present and featured my little room on their Poppytalk Handmade Market Studio Spaces series. The handmade market has been great for me, I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get  more exposure. Blogger is being a pain with uploading images, but you can see pictures of the studio here. (and no, it's not always that neat...) 

More to come later. Thanks again for all your support.