Some bagels I made last night. From this book. (I know everyone has raved about this for a while now, but it really truly is awesome and life changing, it's all about the simple pleasures these days.) This was my second try and much better. The first tasted good, but were not nearly as good looking. I think I figured out where I went wrong. Don't poke the holes until after they've risen and boil them in a pot not in deep saute pan. Also it didn't hurt that I finally bought a pizza peel so now bread and pizza in our house will have a nice crispy underside. I went a little nuts with the bread baking last month and bought a 25 lb. bag of flour from King Arthur so there might be quite a few carbohydrate based posts around these parts. I've got the beginnings of whole wheat sandwich bread in the fridge now.

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hodge podge said...

yum! those look scrumptious... one thing i do miss from the city is bagels! they just don't make 'em up here like they do down there.