wallpaper and pirate dogs

I spend a few days last week at my parents' house readying their bathroom for new wallpaper and taking care of their dog, Casper who has a broken leg and subsequently diagnosed with bone cancer. He's doing well, he just needed to have a little bit of company while my parents were at work during the day.

As much as I hated the process of stripping the old wallpaper, there is something beautiful about the patched wall underneath. My father would probably disagree, (plaster walls in old houses are a beast to care for and repair, hence the wallpaper) but I like seeing the history preserved in the walls.

The birds there are very well fed.

The pirate dog himself. He really didn't want his picture taken (too busy barking at cars, pedestrians, air) but I snuck this one. The reason he is a pirate dog is because his lost an eye a few years ago to glaucoma and now with the broken leg, he has a peg leg of sorts. We really wanted to get him an eye patch and hat, but he has little patience for that. (It might have something to do with my sister dressing him up as a soccer mom when back in the day....don't ask, there is really no explanation.)


Cindy said...

i hope casper will be ok.

EliWhi said...

awww my pirate dogger